meet the glasners

“As a family, we are dedicated to not compromising our values or missing out on life by focusing on what is truly important: faith, family, and the fearless pursuit of joy. And together, we are determined to bring the stories of his redemption to life through the written word, music, art, and film.”

Lawrence and Tamara

Lawrence, a former political appointee in the Reagan White House and leading civil rights and employment discrimination lawyer in Los Angelas, and his wife Tamara, a sculptor and writer, have been happily married since 1983. After a life-threatening health crisis, Lawrence and Tamara left LA behind and moved to Northern CA to enjoy the Trinity Alps. By taking the last few years to slow down, they discovered true community and the blessing of living vulnerably, truthfully, and humbly within the family of God. They have three lovely daughters, Jessica, Emily, and Madeline, and spend their time writing and enjoying everyday life. Check out their journeys on the Mentor Series and The Sanctuary.

Emily, Jessica, and Madeline

Jessica, a seasoned globe trotter and lover of laughter, has worked as a creative content developer, editor, and writing coach for nearly a decade. Of late, she has braved the wilderness to tackle the new world screenplays and novels in the shadow of Mount Shasta. Her YA/Middle Grade Trilogy, The Seabirds, is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. See what she’s up to at Pen and Ink.

Emily alive shares the songs and poems from living moments at Live Wire

Madeline has lived the last several years loving the world with the love of Jesus and expressing it through colors on canvas. She’s trying Texas on for size and currently is going wacko in Waco. Check out Maddy’s work at and Colors.