What is Glasnerhouse?

Glasnerhouse is our family portrait, or rather, a collage. One that will continue to evolve and expand as our journey continues. It’s a way for us to keep up with you, to share where we are in the world and what we are learning. But we have more in mind than snapshots from today. We also want to share moments from the past, the stories of a journey that has, hopefully, made us stronger, more faithful, and kinder than before.

Lawrence will share the lessons he has learned that have helped him become a better, husband, father, and friend (The Mentor Series). Tamara will explore how to create a peaceful home in a world set against true rest and community (The Sanctuary). Jess will share words (Pen and Ink), Em, a note or two (Live Wire), and Maddy, the colors of her world (Colors).

Each is a piece to the puzzle that is coming together daily to form the picture that is the Glasner Family. You never know what you are going to expect… we rarely know ourselves. But we are enjoying the process and believing that God is going to take each piece and create something much more beautiful when viewed side by side as a whole. We believe that is his plan for family, and we are trying to walk it out everyday.

Much love, and God Bless!

The G’5s