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By Tamara Glasner

I’d like to encourage you to take a little more time right now to focus on those under your roof. You can not believe the power of looking at your loved ones in the eye as they are talking, putting your phone in a “time out zone,” and remembering that your spouse, siblings, children, or roommates matter more than the normal go to distraction.

At a time when more of us are at home together than ever before, taking more time to care for one another is more important than ever before. These are the days that can make or break relationships. How you choose to treat your loved ones right now is what can set the tone for the future of your family and whether or not you can exit these troubled times with stronger more meaningful connections than you ever thought possible. 

I propose a little test. This week try each of the following: 

  • Ask your significant other to go on a date-night at home. Plan a little appetizer and fun drinks and go on the porch with a little candle light and soft music. Talk about some old WONDERFUL memories. Keep the conversation on the fun or lighter side of life for the evening. Date night does not have to be “going-out” night. You can have a significant conversation with just a little planning. 
  • Take a walk with your kids one at a time, giving them your full attention. If you aren’t married or don’t have children, take a friend on an intentional (socially distanced) walk to see how they are doing. Give them your full attention. Plug in. 
  • Spend more time listening to the ones around you each day.
  • Smiling at one another throughout the day provides an important mental and emotional lift. Smiling is a gift to those around you. Giving in these small ways has huge effects.
  • A simple little hug revives heart health. Every single person on the earth needs a few hugs a day in my opinion. Hugs can bring us close. (Give this one real consideration, even if you are not a “hugger.” Healthy physical touch is vital for everyone!)
  • Give your spouse a 6 second kiss AT LEAST once a day. My husband and I find that this helps us slow down in a world going much too fast and helps us put life in perspective. We have each other and we have the Lord, and that is all that matters! 
  • Organize a special dinner with a friend on face time. You can still gather together during a pandemic. We have been doing dinner on face time with friends and family who are far away for the last few weeks, and you can not believe how special the time is and how much more connected we all feel.
  • Say words of love OUTLOUD to those you are living with. Sometimes we are just going through too many routines and thinking too much about what we have to do next, and in the process we forget to encourage and love those in our world with our words that are significant!

Now, at the end of your week, my bet is that you will feel closer as a family, there will be a marked lessening of tension in the atmosphere, and you will feel better about whatever circumstances you may be facing. 

God bless you all and happy loving!


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