We’ve Been Working Really Hard… And Look What We’ve Got Now!

Jessica Glasner

If you had told me at this time last year that within twelve months, not only would we have released the entire Seabirds Trilogy but also developed a complete high school history, social studies, and writing curriculum, I wouldn’t have believed it. Certainly, it would take at least a year or two. But here we are! COVID 19 gave us just the concentrated time-frame we needed to finish! And what an adventure it was.

The drama of writing about WWII and its aftermath over the last few months cannot be overstated. The parallels to the past with the present state of affairs are too many to count. My co-writers and editors, Emily G., Hope M., and Jess S., would independently write to me throughout the process, shocked at how timely the material was. We were powerfully touched and changed through our journey to the past. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God planted the seed to write this curriculum last summer for such a time as this. God works in mysterious ways. 

The 36-week long curriculum is designed to learn about the greatest conflict in human history through story, the testimony of those who survived, and award-winning films and documentaries. Along the way, students will sharpen their critical thinking skills, grow spiritually, and learn how to write a college-level historical research paper.  It covers all the high school humanities, so all you need to add is math and science and you are good to go for the year. 

I highly recommend checking the curriculum out, whether you are a parent with a high schooler, or if you are simply interested in learning more about WWII yourself. It’s a great tool for families, churches, or the classroom. And if you don’t want to manage the curriculum on your own, we are offering The Seminar, a live weekly zoom-class, a wonderful opportunity to go through the curriculum in a group context with live-lectures, discussions, and personal TAs. The Seminar begins on September 15. (We are offering 10% off the class if you sign up before August 15). 

*Check out The Curriculum here.

*Sign up for The Seminar here.


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