Created to Be Creative: Part 2

by Tamara Glasner

When our girls were still young, we transformed our playroom into a small theatre. It had everything. Curtains, lighting, costumes, and props! The love for theater grew into a very small movie studio with the help of i-movie and a video camera. I can’t tell you the hours of fun it provided! Their sweet skits and performances for friends and family became the foundations for writing real screenplays once they grew up. We gave them room to express themselves and have fun, and it bore great fruit well into their adult lives.

But the playroom was not the only space we provided. Eventually, the kitchen became another wonderful outlet for their creativity to flow! Sometimes we would assign meals and sometimes we would let them plan their own creations. As a mother, I had to learn to let go and let them make mistakes and messes. If I hadn’t, they never would have learned.

As the years went by, their enjoyment experimenting in the kitchen grew into a small cupcake business, which progressed to a catering business. They now have several weddings under their belts! They can cook for 200 without breaking a sweat or becoming stressed.

What they learned through all these experiences taught them to be self-motivated and organized. What’s more, these skills carried them through college and graduate school and set them up to run their own businesses.

The point is, the more freedom you give your children, the more their gifts will grow, and the more those gifts will add to all of your lives (not just theirs!). We didn’t have an agenda to make them use these gifts for a career or to generate an income. That just became the natural progression of the journey. But that’s the way God works, isn’t it? When you keep step with Him, He lines everything up.

Lawrence and I have, from the beginning of our marriage,  committed to living our lives loving the Lord and loving others with relentless pursuit. For us, that means staying on the same page, forgiving one another, blessing one another, and being a safe haven here in our home for our children.

Lawrence and I are so thankful that our children, now adults, are championing one another in their endeavors without the competition or jealously, both of which only kill relationship and the true character success that the Lord intends for each and every family.  It’s not about awards, money, or fame. It’s about heart, and becoming more like Jesus every single day.

The girls love to see what each other are doing and are there to help one another. They volunteer on each other’s projects and always have enough time to run ideas off of one another. They all agree they are better together than apart.

I can encourage you that no matter how many rough patches you hit with your little ones if you will keep your heart resting on the Lord and His promise to you and your family, you will see that He is working all things out for His glory the way He intended.

I applaud you as a parent to encourage your children to be brave and create! We have no idea what wonder is hidden deep in our children and what may come out to bless the Lord and bless others now and later on!


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