Cleared For Takeoff

Jessica Glasner

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am back. I know I have not been quite as on top of the blog as I have been in the past, but sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. Things came up. Big things. Life changing, hold the phone, drop what you’re doing, sorts of things. A season that felt eternal, finally changed. Spring turned to summer. The ice melted. The thaw began.

Aslan is on the move folks. 
Under the shade of the grand Colorado Rockies, I heard the call, the whisper, that change was in the air. It came at the moment when I was relatively certain the call would never come, that circumstances would never change, that winter was here, forever. But… I was wrong. Aslan was on the move. I just didn’t see him coming.

Before I knew it, a lease was signed, a moving truck rented, and all the G’5’s stuff that had been in storage for the last two years was finally cleared for take-off. 

That’s right. The G’5s are on the move to a higher elevation. Our California days are, for the foreseeable future, over.

And what is on the horizon?

Mountains, lakes, and a boatload of wonderful new projects that will soon be in your hands. Books for young people. Books for grown-ups. Books for children. Podcasts. Adventures. Even a wedding.

Like I said, Aslan is on the move.

On a personal note, I made an executive decision to release the Seabirds all at once, instead of just releasing the first book in the trilogy, Voyage of the Sandpiper. That’s right, not only is Sandpiper setting sail, but the Seahawks are taking flight, and Storm Petrel is starting to sing. Coming soon to an Amazon near you! 

I have been working around the clock to prepare these little chicks to take flight just as we do. It has been a precious project, one that I plan to continue down the line. So, mid July, keep an eye out for these baby birds soaring in the skies of young imaginations the world over. 

Well, I have to get back to packing… but I wanted to give you all an update so it doesn’t come as a complete shock when I start to write CO instead CA on my return addresses.

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