A Baby Story

Tamara Glasner

10 years ago I woke up with this thought on my mind, “What were the girls feeling as they were in my womb those 9 months before they were born?”  

God had blessed me with a husband with a heart of gold and three amazing daughters that I loved beyond what words can express.  

As I lay in bed that morning my thoughts began to go deeper into the beginning of my daughter’s lives as they were formed deep within my womb. I knew that they were in the heart of God from the very beginning and my womb was ordained to be their very first home on earth.

It was then that the seeds to My Very First Home were born.

How could I tell a story of the feelings and thoughts my children had before their birth day?

As I carried my babies, I wanted them to know comfort and love was right there as they grew. Loving them and praying for them each and every day of my pregnancy was an important part of the story for me and them. Our friendship started the moment I learned they had a heartbeat.

I felt a bond and a connection as I sang to them, as I rubbed my hand on my belly talking to them and encouraging them. I changed the way I lived to make a better place for them. They needed me from the very beginning.

Love begins at the earliest stages of life. There is a little person sensitive to every movement and rhythm and sound within the womb. For nine precious months, or sometimes fewer, we are privledged to bless our children and care for them before the day they breathe their first breaths. 

The story between a mother and her baby in the womb cannot be told by the mother alone… so I asked each of my daughters to contribute to make the story more special.  Jess painted. Emily wrote music. Madeline offered her little tiny voice. A video was made long ago. And now, a story is written. In fact, it is almost ready! My Very First Home is growing up. She’s learning to read.

It is a courageous thing to bring a life into the world, a life that God has a purpose and plan for since the beginning of time. I pray you will encourage the mom’s you know who are carrying a little life within their womb.h

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