To Look At the Snow

Emily Glasner

To look at the snow, and not say a word, 
Count the colors and feathers of a round soaring bird.
Great Grandma sat down on a stool to do work,
And rose up before her to peel, clean and perk.
No roundabouts waiting for processing systems,
No words spoken carelessly pivoting pistons.
I caught on this early, but caught on so deep,
I wondered and waited and thought in my sleep.
Two dreams stood before me, and more as I grew,
Two dreams thought they mattered, yet more than I knew.
I could run to the highest stone bench I could find,
And whisper through windstorms, “you’ll always be mine.”
I reached for the mountains that covered the sea,
Knowing that you will send all you help out to me.
Through the days and the weeks, through the moments, and hours,
As love crosses care, and symptoms face power.
You’re with me in winter, you’re with me in Spring,
You’re with me through thinking through how life should be.
Tomorrow I’ll wait at the courthouse café
Tomorrow I’ll find out how long I should stay. 
And I’ll look at the mountains all covered in snow,
And watch them in silence till the day I can go. 
I will watch them in silence, and won’t say a word,
Though they glimmer and shimmer like that round soaring bird.
And I’ll work and I’ll perk and I’ll sit and I’ll stand,
Till together we face life with joy hand in hand.
And we’ll climb up those mountains and hills and stone valleys,
And we’ll stand in the snowcapped white peaks singing loudly. 
And the silence that gripped me, the silence we faced,
Will fall healed in forever in the wake of such grace.

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