Leaving the Nest

Jessica Glasner

Stoically, like a soldier going into battle, she said, “The time arrives in every woman’s life when she takes the plunge into the unknown. Into adventure, happiness, perhaps pain. Our time has arrived, Piper dear. We are taking the plunge. We, us brave women, you and I, are not normal. We are unusual. We are extraordinary. We were not meant to live ordinary lives. We are fearless. We fly above the realm of normality.”

She paused and looked around her room. “This house has been good to me, but a new home awaits me. His name is Horatio, and he will be a stronger support than these old walls ever were.” Placing her hands on the wall, she spoke seriously, “Dear house, Mr. Morrison will care for you from now on.”

“Come, Piper,” she said, extending her hand. “Our destiny awaits.”

And so, hand in hand, we marched like soldiers to the car and Mr. Ferguson.

He bowed and opened the door to the back seat so Edie and I could slide in. “Beautiful day for a wedding, ma’am.”

“Beautiful day indeed, Ferguson dear,” Edie answered.

–Excerpted from Sandpiper Sets Sail, Book One in the Seabirds Trilogy. Coming Soon!

Writing a book is a funny business. You spend weeks, months… years. A paragraph here, a chapter there. And then, all of a sudden, you have a story. It has a beginning, an end. It even has a middle. You pass it around and people enjoy it. It makes them laugh.

Some people even read it again once they finish it.

The Beginning of a Cover

As your courage grows you think that maybe it’s time to send the story out into the world and see what it will do. It’s like sending your child off to college, I guess. You hope he’s a good egg, you’ve raised him the best you can, but now, it’s time for him to stand up on his own two feet.

Putting Shape to Words

That’s my story right now. Preparing to go off on his own into the world. My dear little Sandpiper is about to be forced out of the nest.

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